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What you need to know about the Turing Scheme

Image courtesy of Artem Beliaikin at Pexels

Studying abroad is an experience every student should have at least once in their life. It changes perspectives, provides valuable insights into different cultures and broadens our vision of the world. For many years the Erasmus scheme helped European university students take part in placements and exchanges abroad, but in 2020, the UK government announced it would no longer participate in the scheme and announced the creation of its own programme. The Turing Scheme, named after the mathematician Alan Turing, officially replaced Erasmus last September.

The 110 million pound programme provides UK students with the opportunity to study and work abroad. Differently from Erasmus, which was mainly focused in Europe and a few other countries, the Turing Scheme aims to be global, partnering with any country that wishes to do so. Some of the top destinations according to the programme are China, France and English-speaking countries like the US, Canada and Australia. Around 35,000 students will have the chance to be part of it – not only university pupils but also those in vocational training, apprentices and technical courses. 

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