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with Ciaran McGonigle

With around 1 in 5 students suffering from a mental health issues, looking after your wellbeing whilst studying at university should be every student’s priority.  Here are some simple yet effective things you can do to help but of course, if you feel like you need extra support please speak to your GP or university.

1) Buy a sleep spray – Being a student comes with lots of late nights but try not to make a habit out of them as ge ng into a good sleep rou ne does wonders for our mental wellbeing. A great way to fall asleep when you’re feeling a li le restless is by using a pillow mist. Home Sense is a student go to, with many great smelling op ons for under £10.

2) Check up on your friends – If you feel one of your classmates is stressed or not doing so well, reach out to them and ask them to go for a walk, bite to eat or just a chat. Not only will this mean the world to them, but it will help you when you’re having an off day as you know you can go to them for support as they will understand and have your back.

3) Sometimes, say no – To get the full university experience, it might feel

like you need to do everything. But we all know our minds and bodies better than anyone, so if you’re not up for going on a night out, kindly say no and reschedule. Use that me to relax, gather your thoughts and se le your mind, as pushing yourself to please others may make you feel worse.

4) Write a journal – Wri ng things down helps us be er understand those negative and stressful thoughts we some mes have, because it allows us to reflect. Keeping them bo led up in our minds will only heighten our emo ons, so invest in a journal, a funky notepad will do, to give your mind a rest.

5) Declutter your desktop – It’s easy for students’ desktops to become messy with all those documents and presentations. Get into a habit of going through and organising your files so things are easier to find. You will feel less stressed and more motivated to crack on with work with a clean and tidy desktop. Also, a motivational quote makes for a perfect wallpaper.

By Ciaran McGonigle
Wellbeing Guest Writer

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