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Q&A with Nikky Lyle

Navigating the post-pandemic world can be a challenge in itself, even more so if you’re looking for new junior opportunities in the job market – especially in the creative industry. Young professionals have been hit the hardest in terms of unemployment – 13.3% of economically active people aged 16-24 are unemployed compared to the 4.8% unemployment rate in the UK, according to the ONS. The job flexibility that once was a great tool for career development has now backfired significantly because of Covid. 

As we’re celebrating Pride Month, we wanted to shed light on the LGBTQIA+ community’s working situation. The National LGBTQIA+ Survey 2019, commissioned by the British Government, found that 23% of the people interviewed have experienced a negative or mixed reaction in the workplace due to being LGBTQIA+, while 11% experienced inappropriate comments or conduct. 

To understand the situation a little better, we spoke to creative recruiter Nikky Lyle, who is also a huge advocate for diversity and inclusivity in the Advertising and Design industry. 

Q. You have diversity and inclusion as two main pillars of your job as a recruiter in the creative industry, which led you to present a TEDx Talk recently. How was the beginning of your journey as an advocate for fair practices in the industry?

The beginning of my journey as an advocate in the industry started when I was interviewed by Sky News about the Gender Pay Gap. Starting up these types of discussions got me looking at promotions in the industry as a whole and how women, BAME, disabled and LGBTQIA+ people are often left behind.

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