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Making your portfolio stand out in your job application

We’ve recently rounded up some cover letter tips and tricks to help make the job application process smoother for you, and now is the time to go through portfolios. Depending on the industry, these can be even more important than your CV or cover letter and the first thing a recruiter looks at – especially for creatives. Be it for writers, designers, photographers or other multi-disciplinary creatives, a great portfolio tells your story by itself. We know it can be quite hard to choose which pieces of work to add and how to best showcase them, but worry no more, we’ve got you covered with some useful advice. We also spoke with our (highly experienced) Contributing Editor and Producer, Marianna Michael, all about it.

Image courtesy of Clark Tibbs via Unsplash

“Portfolios are your gateway to improving, experimenting and a chance to show your willingness to develop, take risks, strip back and explore. You do not come in as a finished product when you enter any course, especially within the arts. Instead, you start with the idea of really finding out your unique visual language”, says Marianna Michael. 

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