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Introducing Dayrize – the marketplace revolutionising sustainable fashion

Image courtesy of Dayrize

Raise your hand if you’ve ever felt confused about all the terms and expressions that revolve around sustainable fashion or if you’re unsure about where to go to find eco-friendly brands that are really making a difference. The more we highlight environmental issues and put sustainability in the spotlight, the more labels embrace the marketing terms related to that, even if they don’t have any green practices. It’s probably more difficult than ever to shop conscious – not because there are no options, on the contrary, but because it is hard to distinguish the greenwashing that goes on within the industry.

Aiming to help consumers make wiser choices in terms of products and brands, Dutch cleantech startup Dayrize was launched about a month ago in the UK and already has plans to expand to Europe. From women and menswear to health, beauty and homeware, Dayrize has a variety of over 100 brands across its platform. With around 40% of our carbon footprint coming from how and what we buy, it’s vital we give our shopping habits a careful thought and that’s why Dayrize represents such a big change in the industry.

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