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Getting to know Wearers Festival – a celebration of dressing

When it comes to the cultural offering in terms of events, exhibitions, museums and festivals, London strikes as one of the best cities in the world – in other aspects as well, the weather not being one of them, unfortunately. Coming across new and creative initiatives to diversify the cultural scene in the city is always thrilling and inspiring for us at New Talent Fashion – just like it was finding out about the Wearers Festival. The Wearers Festival isn’t a fashion festival even though it’s all about clothing. It’s an event to promote and celebrate the importance of dressing in society as a whole. 

Heres to dress as a medium to dig into the political, the personal, the environmental, the sentimental, the collective, and the historical. Heres to using dress as a tool to explore what myselfand what communitymeans. Heres to the multiculturality expressed through dressed bodies”, their manifesto says.

Image courtesy of Wearers Festival by Naomi Ngoo

We spoke to Naomi Zaragoza, the project’s Co-Founder and Director, to understand more about Wearers Festival, what’s behind it and their upcoming plans.

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