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Get to know Leoni…

It’s time to get to know the faces behind New Talent Fashion – a family of passionate and positive people, here to recognise, empower and showcase new talent.

This time, we spoke to Leoni, Graduate Project Coordinator here at NTF, to find out more about her role, inspirations, and daily life as a remote worker!

What does an average day working at NTF look like for you?

I love starting my day with a hot cup of herbal tea and setting up for the day in my home office. I like keeping my brain active and engaged throughout the day, switching up tasks by working on 2-3 projects (e.g. creating graphics for marketing or creating job listing articles for our website) whilst listening to my favourite R&B/Trap Soul playlist with my pug, Jinxy. As Social Media Manager of the Northern Fashion Week Instagram, on a daily basis, I ensure that I am interacting and connecting with our following, reposting students and graduates work, posting content on NFW Instagram stories, building relationships and a loyal following for our brand.

Tell us about your first job in the fashion industry…

This is my very first job in the fashion industry! I graduated from university last year in June 2020, and it has taken over a year for me to find a graduate job/internship. Having completed countless job applications and faced many rejections, keeping positive and persistent is what got me through such challenging times.

I had to always remind myself that we are all still currently in a global pandemic and how the job market was still in a very rocky season. By keeping my faith strong, New Talent Fashion welcomed me to the NTF team which I am so grateful for, to help me move into the first steps of my career in fashion.

Where do you find your inspiration?

I love finding inspiration travelling to the most amazing and wonderful places in the world; my favourites being Morocco & Jamaica. I love going to the most authentic, culture-driven places that inspire me for my personal style and conceptual ideas for projects. I normally get my style inspiration from pretty much anywhere, whether that’s festivals, street style looks in SoHo (Central London) or from Rihanna, my personal style icon.

Our two subscription services, Student Hub – by NTF and NTF Exclusive, are full of innovative and inspiring content – what do you love most about the memberships?

I think it’s amazing and so convenient how we provide extra support for those already working within the industry. Our Mentor Me feature is an excellent service as part of both subscription areas. Whether you’re looking for further support and guidance in your career path or looking to have a career change within the fashion industry, then I think that NTF Exclusive is the perfect option for you. I also appreciate how much support we provide to students, considering how competitive the industry is! Especially trying to make it as a young creative post-education, as it can be quite hard getting your foot in the door. I believe that showcasing ALL talent is important and NTF does it in such a unique and inclusive way to help the next generation of the fashion industry flourish.

What are you looking forward to this year, for NTF?

I am looking forward to meeting all of the team in person at some point this year! I am very much a people’s person, and in such a digital age I think that it is so important to connect with people in person than talking over a screen.

Do you have any advice for our community looking for a role in the industry?

Making a good impression is so important in every aspect of life and most importantly to employers. Cold emailing companies or employers can be an effective and personal way to get yourself noticed – it’s all about impressing them with your initiative! I would also strongly emphasise to BE YOURSELF, BE CREATIVE and BE DIFFERENT in your job application processes; whether if that’s in your portfolio, CV, cover letter as well as your interviews.

Describe NTF in one word…

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