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Get to know Daisy…

It’s time to get to know the faces behind New Talent Fashion – a family of passionate and positive people, here to recognise, empower and showcase new talent. 

This time, we spoke to Daisy, Digital Marketing Assistant here at NTF, to chat about everything from her career history, inspirations and stellar advice for those entering the industry.

What does an average day working at NTF look like for you?

My average day at NTF is always changing which I love. At the moment, I’m working on building content and connections for NTF Exclusive. I also work on PR sheets for NTF for all kinds of exciting features and upcoming events. Zoom meetings and catch ups with the team are always such a lovely part of the day.

Tell us about your first job in the fashion industry…

My first job in the fashion industry was when I started modelling at 14. Aside from a couple of work experience gigs at Mulberry and River Island, my first proper internship in the design department was for menswear brand, Lou Dalton. This was a super inspiring, hands-on role in the run up to Men’s Fashion Week. My role included fabric research, sampling and sourcing, design research, liaising with manufacturers and PR agencies, creating technical packs using Adobe software, pattern cutting, sewing and assisting with fittings.

Where do you find your inspiration?

I like to take inspiration from the mundane. I think there’s something beautiful in amplifying the ordinary. Vintage trinkets like bottle caps, beer labels, record covers, posters and old family photos. I’m inspired by real life things and people, seeing how people interact with their environment and how that impacts their dress. I love a bit of grandad style too. 

Our two subscription services, Student Hub – by NTF and NTF Exclusive, are full of innovative and inspiring content – what do you love most about the memberships? 

From working on NTF Exclusive myself – the Wellness Centre is such an amazing area within the subscription. Knowing the pressures within the fashion industry and the impact this can have on mental health, this is a great place to go for advice, centring and knowing you’re not alone. Student Hub – by NTF is something, as a graduate fashion student, I can safely say I would have found valuable during my degree, especially in my final year. It’s a great way to promote yourself in a saturated and competitive industry.

What are you looking forward to this year, for NTF?

We’ve had some exciting meetings about upcoming events which are unique and really in touch with NTF’s ethos, so I’m super excited to be a part of these coming together. I’m also excited about the new connections being made and looking forward to seeing how we can all help each other grow.

Do you have any advice for our community looking for a role in the industry?

Trust the process. Have faith in what you’re doing. Work hard. Network everywhere. Be kind!

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